• Fully licensed and bonded Watch Guard or Patrol Agency.
  • Management Experience: extensive law enforcement/private security backgrounds.
  • Professional Affiliations: ASIS (American Society of Industrial Security), ALDONYS (Association of Licensed Detectives of NYS), NYPD Shield NYPD Area Police/Private Security Liaison).
  • Services Provided: mobile and foot patrols, access control, reception security, concierge, special events, executive protection, security consultations and surveys.
  • Industries Serviced: Residential, Retail, Industrial, Commercial, Wholesale, Warehouses, Transportation Facilities, Construction Sites, Healthcare, Recreation and Educational Facilities etc.
  • Officers licensed and trained according to provisions of NYS Security Guard Act.
  • Axel maintains its own New York State approved security guard training school known as the “Security Training Institute” and has several New York State certified General Topics Security Guard Instructors on its staff.
  • Continuous on-the-job training.
  • Communication: NEXTEL Communications Systems and/or hand-held radios.
  • Computerized Guard Monitoring System to ensure accountability and record of patrols.
  • Personalized Management Approach.
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